By now, you would have definitely heard of The Ordinary. It’s an evolving skincare brand under DECIEM who are an umbrella of multiple, affordable skincare brands like NIOD, Hylamide, Chemistry Brand, Stemm, Fountain and many more. The brand was created to introduce consumers to affordable yet “clinical formulations with integrity.” They have very quickly become a popular brand in the beauty community and everybody is talking about them because not only do they give truly amazing results but they have won many beauty awards by Grazia, The Pool, Reveal, Tatler, CEW and The Sunday Times…

So if you didn’t before, now you know what The Ordinary is all about, but what do they have to offer!? The brand currently has 9 different vitamin and retinoid products, 7 different direct acid products, 8 different hydrating serums and oils, a few other skincare products as well as a makeup range that is good for your skin – with many more products to come!