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Nothing makes more of a statement than animal print can and I know that animal prints can be daring for some, but I say, you’ve got to channel your wild side sometimes…

I love bringing out that wild side by adding a bit of leopard or cheetah print to really make an outfit pop. I know that styling these daring prints can be intimidating and often we see it styled very OTT which is not only cringe-worthy but it can also make us afraid to try it ourselves! There are so many ways to incorporate a print into your outfit and investing in key pieces will really help you keep it simple.

I dare you to let go of those fears and try having some fun with animal prints! If you aren’t a fan of leopard print, you have many other safari inspired prints to choose from too like cheetah, tiger or zebra print just to name a few. Oh and if you really want to make a fashion statement you could play with animal printed faux fur! Big, cosy faux fur coats have become quite a staple for all the celebrity it-girls and if you would like to follow suit, check out how I styled a simple jeans and designer tee combo with one of the faux fur coats from Decjuba which is now on sale!!!

P.S the fit on these ASOS farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in washed black are amazing! They are super high waisted and make a mini gal like me look relatively taller than usual and I need all the help I can get in that department! Also the colour is washed so it’s a great casual jean that can also be dressed up with heels. If you love comfortable, reliable yet super affordable jeans then you must check out the ASOS collection.

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Ahh, yes, that black and gold Gucci marmont belt that took the fashion world by storm! There was a time where I would scroll down my instagram feed and every fashionista I followed had managed to get their hands on it. I had put myself on 5 or 6 different wait-lists and after 10 months of impatiently waiting, I decided to take matter into my own hands. I went searching online and found one in Bulgaria! Out of all the places! You can only imagine my excitement when it finally arrived!

I love that the belt can be the perfect accessory to a really simple outfit. Believe me, I have worn it more times than I count with countless of different outfits! My favourite way to wear it to date, is with this gorgeous black micro pleat bodysuit and black high waisted wide leg pants! When I was trying the duo together I ultimately felt like something was missing. When I put the belt against the waist line of the pants, I smiled to myself and thought it was perfect. I felt, polished.

The black pants have become such a great staple for my wardrobe too! Perfect for work, running from meeting to meeting or even just to head out for a few glasses of wine with the girls! High waisted pants are fabulous. They are so flattering for any body shape and they will always make your legs look longer!

If you would like to see how I styled the entire outfit with the amazing Cooperst black matira wide leg pants and my favourite belt right now, continue reading!

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