As a self confessed beauty junkie, I also have an obsession with collecting skincare. It really is true what they say, your makeup will never look as flawless as it could without a beautiful, clean and hydrated base and you can absolutely achieve that perfect base by making sure you are always stocked up on great skincare products made especially for your skin type and concerns.

This post is going to be all about Lancôme’s Génifique range and in particular a few products that I’ve tried and tested that have given me very fast driven results! If you would like to read more about which products I have now added to my cannot-live-without skincare list, please continue reading! I promise that it’ll make you want to go out and try it for yourself!


Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum 

The icon of the range! This is currently Lancôme’s best selling serum! With more than 150 awards worldwide and 20 million units sold worldwide, the reason it is such a best seller is because this serum targets the 10 key signs of youthful looking skin – texture, resiliency, elasticity, firmness, sagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, even skin tone and clarity. From the luxurious silver and black bottle with the signature Lancome rose on it (I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging!), to the dropper applicator giving you the precise amount every time eliminating wastage and overuse, to the light texture of the serum which glides on leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. Skin instantly looks and feels healthier!

I have been using the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum   for a few weeks now and I have already noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I have lost a lot of hydration in my skin lately due to the cooler change in weather so my main focus was to get that healthy, glowing, plump skin back! I use the serum every morning and night, as the first step in my skincare routine after cleansing. The super light texture glides effortlessly onto my skin and absorbs very quickly, which means even on mornings where I have slept in, I can put my eye cream and face moisturiser straight over the top and do my makeup within minutes! I am in my early 20’s and this serum is going to help maintain my youthful skin, keeping it smooth, supple and looking radiant. However, the serum will work on all ages and skin types, whether you are looking to maintain your skin or to help reverse some of the early signs of ageing! I also must note that unlike many other serums, this doesn’t have a strong fragrance to it which is fantastic!


Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Eye Cream 

So I have tried and tested many eye creams, every time I finish one –  I try another. It’s an endless cycle! I personally find I look for an eye cream that helps to hydrate and protect the delicate skin under my eyes as well as help with puffiness and dark circles. Of course if it helps to keep those early signs of aging away like fine lines and wrinkles that’s a bonus too! If there is one eye cream that I will be sticking to, it’s definitely going to be the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Eye Cream. An eye cream perfect for all ages and all skin types. It will protect the delicate skin under the eyes against pollution and tiredness while wrinkles appear reduced and the eye contour looks younger, rested and more luminous.

The texture of this eye cream is unlike most other eye creams I have tried. It is a gel based formula but it feels almost like a creamy mousse and a gel infusion! When you place your fingertips in the jar, the eye cream bounces back at you and when applied to the skin under the eyes, it feels like a burst of hydration that is velvety to the touch! I have already noticed a dramatic difference in the reduced darkness under my eyes and they are no longer puffy in the morning, almost like I’ve had a great nights sleep every single night, because I tend to stay up very late most of the time!


Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Day Cream

If your skin is feeling dull, dehydrated or lacking elasticity and you’re looking for a daily moisturising face cream that promotes a more youthful looking complexion, you need to add this moisturiser to your to-try list! The Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Day Cream has a velvety formula that provides instant and long lasting moisture, however, it is non greasy and leaves your skin feeling the softest it’s ever been! Used together with the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum your complexion will literally thank you!

I have never had so many compliments on my skin like I have while trying this range together. I use this moisturiser both during the day and at night at the moment (they do have a night cream in the Génifique range too!) and in the morning I let it all absorb into the skin for a good few minutes before makeup application, it’s texture is rich enough to immensely hydrate my skin but it makes for the perfect makeup base too. My makeup stays put all day long and my skin is controlled so that means no shine throughout the day and definitely no dehydrating feels at the end of the day.


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I really hope you enjoyed my personal thoughts and reviews on my current skincare favourites from Lancôme. This was not a sponsored post, I purchased the above products and genuinely, highly recommend them! They have made my skin feel and look amazing! If you have tried it,  moment below and let me know what your thoughts are!!


Much Love, Jessyka. X

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